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Cloudberry Mobile is the world's first outsourcing partner of indoor mobile coverage and capacity as a service for mobile operators and their customers. 

Cloudberry Mobile's service makes it easy to get premium quality indoor mobile services. 

We offer a no-capex and no-opex option to improve indoor mobile coverage.

Cloudberry Mobile plays a part in delivering high quality mobile coverage and capacity as a service - as an outsourcing partner for operators who want to boost their market position. 

Excellent indoor mobile coverage can be challenging with the smartphone revolution draining network capacity, and green houses that stop the mobile signal. Today, parts of the market cannot get a good enough signal. 

Cloudberry works with mobile operators, their customer and partners in order to provide indoor coverage for those who need it.

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This is an article by Johan Cronqvist, UClarity, Sweden. Johan Cronqvist is a consultant at Uclarity and writes about the challenges about building good indoor mobile networks.

The original article in Swedish:


By: Geir Ove Jenssen, CTO, Cloudberry Mobile

”Mobile coverage is the problem, not capacity”, Caroline Gabriel at :Rethink Wireless writes on the 3rd of February this year. I could not agree more!

Innlegg av Geir Ove Jenssen - teknisk ansvarlig i Cloudberry Link til Inside Telecom ”Mobildekning er problemet, ikke kapasitet”, skriver Caroline Gabriel på nettstedet Rethink Wireless den 3. februar i år. Dette utsagnet er jeg veldig enig...

Coverage, not capacity, will make the small cell case.

By Caroline Gabriel - ReThink

Reliable signals everywhere - the need just as much technical and commercial innovation as high capacity.