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Cloudberry Mobile provides indoor mobile coverage and capacity as a service for property owners and enterprises.

Cloudberry Mobile cooperates with mobile operators to provide the service. 

Cloudberry Mobile's has a partnership with Cisco. The technology is mini 4G and 3G mini base stations called small cells. These small cells are connected to the existing data and fiber cabling in the property, thus reducing cost and installation time dramatically.

The solution is scalable from small offices to large office buildings, public institutions and shopping centers.

Cloudberry Mobile makes the investment in the provided mobile equipment and manages and supports the system during the agreement period. Planning and installation is also included in the service.

Excellent indoor mobile coverage can be challenging with the smartphone revolution draining network capacity, and so called green houses that stop the mobile signal. Today, parts of the market– around 20% based on research – cannot get a good enough signal. 

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Finansavisen 27. september 2016
Finansavisen, 26. september 2016  


This is an article by Johan Cronqvist, UClarity, Sweden. Johan Cronqvist is a consultant at Uclarity and writes about the challenges about building good indoor mobile networks.

The original article in Swedish:


By: Geir Ove Jenssen, CTO, Cloudberry Mobile

”Mobile coverage is the problem, not capacity”, Caroline Gabriel at :Rethink Wireless writes on the 3rd of February this year. I could not agree more!